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Uncovering the Street Food Scene in Los Cabos

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June 22, 2023

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Something that a lot of tourist people love to do when they visit Los Cabos is to immerse themselves in some street food places at least once or twice. The items being sold at street food range from tacos to quesadillas, and sometimes vendors will have seafood items available, such as fish, shrimp, or even octopus.   

Although, their seafood can be dangerous, especially if the food is not stored correctly during the hot summer months, which is why Los Cabos is going to monitor street vendors serving seafood items to ensure tourist safety.   

According to a representative of COESPRIS (the State Commission for Protection Against Health Risks), they have been monitoring street food stalls more as the heat continues to arrive and increase in Los Cabos through the summer season. They will be particularly paying attention to vendors serving fish and other seafood. This will be done, in part, by making visits to food stalls to check food temperatures and cleanliness, among other things. 

Typically street food items are sold from a cart, a basket, or stands on the side of the street. For the most part, street food is safe in Los Cabos, but in warmer months, it can be a little tricky to keep food at cold temperatures, since as you may already know, the Cabo hot weather season is ruthless.

Of course, there are signs to watch out for before eating street food, your bodies have ways of warning you of danger, and this can come in handy when it comes to detecting bad food.  If you approach a street food vendor and your senses detect the smell of spoiled food, your best bet will be to listen to it. There are plenty of food vendors to choose from. Another sign to watch out for is the presence of some sort of refrigeration or other sufficient method of keeping food cold.   

If you wonder where to find street vendors, well, street vendors are all over Los Cabos. And where they might set up varies from vendor to vendor, and sometimes even day to day. Typically you will find them on the streets in tourist areas, on some of the beaches, and in areas of town frequented by locals, like parks, town squares, and street markets. All food that is being served by a street food vendor, should be kept at the correct temperatures and served in a clean environment, but this, unfortunately, is not always the case. That being said, those that are immunocompromised may want to steer clear from overdoing it on the street food. Seafood, in particular, should maybe be avoided by certain individuals. 

Street food is not the only option for getting a unique and local dining experience in Los Cabos. There are plenty of authentic Mexican restaurants where you can not only get a real Mexican taco, not that overrated Americanized kind but, some other great traditional Mexican dishes too.   

Remember that food is one of the best ways to experience culture in Cabo, and health officials do their part to make it safe for tourists. Whether you go for a few street food spots or choose some more traditional Mexican restaurants, trying the food in Los Cabos is a must. And it is also a great reason to get out of your resort and experience the true vibe of Los Cabos.

This is why if you would like to start uncovering the street food scene in Los Cabos in a safe way, you should definitely sign up for a food tour to discover where the locals eat. 

With a food tour, you will be experiencing Cabo cuisine, join this experience for a unique Los Cabos food tour. All of the tours offer different dishes to make them unique. These tours are people who love their local place Cabo San Lucas and are delighted to share with you the best of our Mexican flavors and native culture combined with the los Cabos local food tasting. 

Discover the neighborhood’s hot spots in the Cabo street food tours and enjoy a fun and personalized backstreet local food stand experience. Taste some of Baja’s original flavors and enjoy an enriched cultural walking food and tacos tasting tour through downtown Cabo San Lucas. Gain knowledge of the local life of the people and many more history facts that our guides reveal along the way.

In regards of this, check out our Cabo Yummy Tours in Cabo San Lucas. Do not miss the opportunity to experience our local cuisine that can help you learn more about Cabo San Lucas. Discover Cabo through its mouth watering traditional food, and you will undoubtedly discover tastes that will entice you to come back again and again. Begin with planning your dream Cabo street food scene adventure today! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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