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How to Eat Like a Local in Cabo San Lucas

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June 19, 2023

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As a foodie person, whenever you travel to a city for the first time you normally should try do some research before traveling on places where locals eat and what the main attractions in the area are. If this is your first trip to Los Cabos, be prepared and excited to experience this destination. Los Cabos is located in the tip of the Baja California Peninsula in the northwestern part of Mexico, it is made up of two small towns: Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Cabo as locals call it, is especially popular for its contrasting views where the desert meets the ocean which has become an important fishing and whale watching destination every year from December to April. It houses stunning and challenging golf courses. Los Cabos is a favorite amongst jet-setters and celebrities who happen to have homes in the area.

With its appeal to international travelers, Los Cabos has become a world-class destination, and while there are a lot of modern amenities, the local culture is still authentically Mexican. Part of what can make your vacation experience unforgettable is getting off the beaten path and indulging yourself in the local culture and cuisine. Rather than opting for just the top few activities in Los Cabos, seek out more unique options for where to shop and what to experience in town. 

There are a variety of authentic neighborhood spots that locals tend to flock to. There are popular seafood restaurants and hot spots in Cabo San Lucas, where the locals are ordering the fresh catch of the day prepared in the Sinaloan style of Mexican cooking (cooked with lime juice, serrano peppers, tomatoes and onions). For the best fish tacos, as far as the locals are concerned, there are a lot of popular places for you. Beyond seafood, wonderful and traditional Mexican cuisine is served up in the local restaurants in Cabo. Its seafood places get crazy casual but no less delicious. In fact, they all often come up as one of the best dining spots in all of Cabo San Lucas. Among other cheap and delicious eats are more taco and local places which are known for its seafood tacos, and because of their location, tucked near the high-octane Squid Row and Mandala clubs very downtown. 

If you know where to shop for local produce, culture and cuisine, you can eat up some tacos in your resort suite´s kitchen, but part of the interesting and fun of vacationing in Mexico is discovering local restaurants, bars and more hot spots with the most amazing dining experiences. When you are at a Cabo restaurant, you will probably see familiar dishes like enchiladas and quesadillas, but you should always go beyong to try the new flavors for you which in this case, it would be the local cuisine. On top of this, if you feel like that is not enought of a local experience and you want to know more about where the local cuisine stands, and how to eat like a local in Cabo San Lucas, you should definitely sign up for a food tour to discover where the locals eat. 

With a food tour, you will be experiencing Cabo cuisine, join this experience for a unique Los Cabos food tour. All of the tours offer different dishes to make them unique. These tours are people who love their local place Cabo San Lucas and are delighted to share with you the best of our Mexican flavors and native culture combined with the los Cabos local food tasting. 

They will help you create memorable moments for you and your family in an authentic local atmosphere with Cabo San Lucas food and culture tours.

Enjoy a great, fun and flavorful  Mexican food and tasting walking tour and delight yourself with the best of the native flavors of downtown Cabo San Lucas. Discover the local neighborhood hot spots as you explore the back streets and treat yourself with the best of the local flavors. These tasting tours are about the authentic cuisines and local foods and at the same time it is a great a way to learn about the life and stories of the natives 

The locations chosen to be part of the tours are hidden gems in Cabo San Lucas downtown, so you will immerse yourself into a Mexican food exploration in Cabo, yet they are not touristy and are frequented by locals. Your guides are foodies who are passionate about Cabo and will share with you the best of Mexico.

Discover the neighborhood’s hot spots in the Cabo street food tours and enjoy a fun and personalized backstreet local food stand experience. Taste some of Baja’s original flavors and enjoy an enriched cultural walking food and tacos tasting tour through downtown Cabo San Lucas. Gain knowledge of the local life of the people and many more history facts that our guides reveal along the way.

In this case, check out our Cabo Yummy Tours in Cabo San Lucas. Do not miss the opportunity to experience our local cuisine that can help you learn more about Cabo San Lucas. Discover Cabo through its mouth watering traditional food, and you will undoubtedly discover tastes that will entice you to come back again and again. Begin with planning your dream Cabo eat-like-a-local adventure today! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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