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Exploring the Best Food Markets in Cabo San Lucas

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June 23, 2023

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For purely local Mexican arts and crafts, make a stop at Plaza Artesanos in San Jose del Cabo where over 75 vendors sell items handcrafted from artisans such as street art, jewelry, clothing like hand-stitched dresses, along with gifts and souvenirs, including pottery and trinkets you would find at a flea market. If food is your top shopping drive, local farmers markets both in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo like at El Merkado, exhibit foods such as honey, seafood and vegetables as well as delicious flaky delights from the local bakery.

From traditional Mexican cuisine to international flavors, Cabo San Lucas offers an array of dining options to satisfy any foodie’s palate. Additionally, the city’s bustling markets, art galleries, and upscale boutiques provide endless opportunities for shopping enthusiasts to indulge in retail therapy. Whether you Are a food lover or a shopaholic, Cabo San Lucas is the perfect destination to indulge in both passions simultaneously.

Being a destination full of contrasts, this involves cuisine too. Los Cabos has experienced a complete mix of culinary influences from all over the world. Mexico’s varied and lauded cuisine is well represented throughout Los Cabos, with restaurants expertly preparing dishes that hail from a number of the country’s states, proudly celebrating national traditions. But there is also a strong global influence thanks to the many international visitors and expatriates in the region. The local populace itself is a dynamic mix of peoples whose ancestors came to these shores from as far as China, Germany and the Middle East, leaving a most delicious legacy.

The Cabo San Lucas Marina offers many different options and specialties, where you can find places to eat from the most traditional Mexican dishes and establishments to the most gourmet experiences you will ever live. Los Cabos is a delicious culinary landscape for those who love authentic Mexican food and also for those who want to try new specialties as a result of the cultural mix that Los Cabos has experienced since the beginning.

So, if you feel like exploring the best food markets in Cabo San Lucas, all of the markets are a beautiful place to spend a day shopping for souvenirs and enjoying the waterfront views. There are many different sellers here, some of whom are very friendly, while others may be more aggressive. The market is well-organized with lanes running along the water’s edge and it is easy to find what you’re looking for. There are also several restaurants nearby should you get hungry, as well as street vendors selling all sorts of things.

The most common markets in Cabo San Lucas are: Cabo Organic Market at Pedregal, California Ranch Market, Organic Market San Jose del Cabo and Organic Market at The Shoppes at Palmilla.

Cabo Organic Market at Pedregal

Since 2007, the Los Cabos Organic Market within Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas has offered an incredible selection of the freshest locally grown produce: all kinds of aromatic herbs and greens, colorful fruits and vegetables, whole roasted organic chicken, fresh whole chicken, organic eggs, gluten free homemade prepared food, raw local honey, local goat cheeses and milk, rustic European sourdough, traditional Mexican sweet breads, local fishmongers with the catch of the day, a delicious juice bar.

California Ranch Market

California Ranch Market makes online grocery delivery and grocery shopping in Los Cabos fast and easy. Whether you are in Cabo San Lucas or San José del Cabo, you can opt for getting your groceries delivered, order online and pick it up in store, or visit one of their two grocery stores located at Pedregal and Palmilla respectively.


Organic Market San Jose del Cabo

They strive to create a multicultural market by providing an event for the sales of locally grown organic produce, prepared food, arts and crafts, community and educational activities, and resources. 

Organic Market at The Shoppes at Palmilla

Organic means products that were either created, prepared or raised without using genetically modified ingredients, no chemicals were used to kill bugs and weeds and all pesticides are natural and no chemical additives were added to keep fresh for an unnatural amount of time. A lot of the time, we as consumers go to our nearest supermarket to purchase food products that we will later consume by ourselves or with our families without much concern on where it came from or how it was raised. The food industry, simply put is big business and if they can find a way to cut corners and costs, they will do it in which to raise their profit margins. Some people started being concerned about this along with farmers who grow fruits, vegetables and others who raise livestock and in this process, organic markets started to pop up around the world.


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