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Nothing brings people together like good food.

Cabo Yummy Food Tours

Join us for a unique Los Cabos food tour. All our tours offer different dishes to make them unique. The locations chosen to be part of our tours are hidden gems in Cabo San Lucas downtown, yet they are not touristy and are frequented by locals. Your guides are Foodies who are passionate about Cabo and will share with you the best of Mexico.
Learn from locals, eat like a local, and have fun Cabo style! Book your tour today!

Venture into Local’s favorite places.

Indulge your palate with true Mexican food

Personal and friendly experience.

A fun and memorable Foodie adventure.

Calories don’t count on vacation! Our 3 unique and different tours are part of Mexico’s wide gastronomic culture and history.

Cabo Foodie Grand Tour

Our classic tour, a journey through the Cabo San Lucas downtown area getting to know the Local’s favorite places. A varied menu to taste seafood and meat in a Mexican way.

Seafood Galore

A unique way to enjoy seafood in a vast and unique preparation. Hot and cold dishes all made fresh from the sea to your table.

Taco Safari

Mexico has a special relationship with el taco. Our pre-Columbian history and Hispanic heritage are bonded together like the tortilla and the vast ingredients that make up the taco. Suadero, chorizo, and pastor might be unfamiliar words but that’s about to change!

Taco Bout Us!

We are the best Food Tour in Cabo!

“We went to the Local Food Tour with the whole family and had a blast! The food was excellent and the walking distance was short. We tried many things, including meat and seafood. I loved the variety they offered. We will be testing the other tours on our next trip!”

Karen Miller

“My girlfriend and I wanted to eat authentic Mexican food, but we did not want to get lost, so we took this amazing tour! The guide is very kind, fun, and knowledgeable. We learned a lot about the food from different parts of Mexico, and the quality and quantity was over the top.”

Alex Devis

“The seafood tour is definitively a must-do! All the seafood was fresh, and the portions are sizable and very tasty. We ended up returning to a couple of these places during our trip. Don't eat anything that day before your tour, trust me you will need the space!”

Jane Smith